Complete the Meme

So I’ve got this idea to inspire more regular posting and synchronize some of my various feeds (Twitter, Facebook, etc). Here’s what I have so far. I need to fill in the obvious gap.

  • Music Monday – New/Old Music recommendations, reviews
  • Tantrum Tuesday – My opportunity to get out my aggression
  • Wisdom Wednesday – What I’m reading/learning from the Bible
  • ? Thursday – Needs work
  • Foto Friday – Not necessarily one I took

I need recommendations for Thursday. Maybe Theremin Thursday?

Tantrum Tuesday – Radio Spam

You probably recall those annoying commercials from a few years ago that went something like “HEAD ON!!! APPLY DIRECTLY TO YOUR FOREHEAD!!!” and repeated that statement until you had no choice by to drive immediately to the nearest drugstore, purchase said product and APPLY IT DIRECTLY TO YOUR FOREHEAD!

Yes, someone, somewhere, sometime said that you should repeat your product, company name and/or contact information three times in an advertisement on television or radio for it to stick. Can’t we be a little more creative with that “rule”?

On my way to grab a bite for lunch today, I was assaulted with cheery female voice excitedly telling me about “Menopause… Away… dot com. Menopause… Away… dot com. That’s Menopause… Away… dot com”. Now, I’m sure there was more to the commercial, but that’s all I remember, just like that, repeated 3 times in a row. (I know some of you are saying, ‘see? it worked! you remember it!”) Sure, I remember it, but even if I was a menopausal female, I’d be so annoyed by the commercial I’d do everything in my power to steer clear of it, even possibly blocking all internet traffic to the site from my home.

When will marketers learn that we’re not idiots nor sheep to be led to slaughter? Take internet advertising as a perfect companion to these annoying radio and television ads. Browsers now implement pop-up blockers to eradicate annoying ads, add-ons are available to block ads that flash, blink, play music automatically, etc. In the same vein, raise your hand if you know delay the start of watching a show on television by some amount of time so you can fast-forward the commercials on your DVR? <raises hand/>

I get it. Repetition is the key to memorization. I get it, you think you have a great product we should know about. Times, they have changed, my friend. Make a product worth talking about and let us evangelize it for you.

And, oh, don’t even get me started on this “trend” of “viral video” and commercializing social media. Social media is about being social, not as a medium for advertising. (I actually saw a ‘social media specialist’ say ‘If you know what’s good for you, you’ll follow [twitter account – if you really want it to grow go to]’ – can’t I decide for myself Sir Arrogant of Arrogance-land?) If you can figure out how to make “social” media work, do so without annoying the every living daylights out of me. Please. And stop “producing” viral videos that are supposed to look “home-made”. There’s always a giveaway. Just tell us up front what message you’re sending and let us decide if we want to make it viral or not. That’s our job as consumers, ya know?

Music Monday – The Reign of Kindo

I linked these guys via Facebook last week, but I thought they’d be a great introduction to an attempt at some regular posts here on the ‘ol blog.

I was checking my Youtube subscription late last week to see if anything interesting had shown up and lo and behold, these guys were the first thing in the list. Now stuck on repeat, the intricacies and dynamics of Just Wait and October’s Storm (both available as in-studio videos on Youtube) drive me insane. Rarely does a band impress me as much as The Reign of Kindo has.

Filtering out the noise

I currently subscribe to 204 RSS feeds. I need to cut that down to about 25. Now, there may be some leeway involved for feeds that I view solely for inspiration purposes and do receive value from but aren’t huge timewasters, such as design galleries, etc.

However, all that said, I want some input from the community on this one. Regardless of topic (I have mine grouped by things like “photography”, “web”, “church”, “news”, etc), what are your top 5 blogs/feeds you read on a daily basis and provide real value. If you include Digg or some other massive feed, do you filter it by category prior to subscribing (such as only Tech, etc)?

Help me, please.