Music Monday – Switchfoot

So tonight I’m going out with some swell dudes to see Switchfoot play at The Pageant here in St. Louis. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Switchfoot, much less taken a good listen to their music. So, in trying to catch myself up and find something to share today, I ran across their Switchfoot TV series on YouTube. Having been there & done that, it’s always fun to see what bands do behind the scenes before, after, during shows and on the road. Enjoy.

Music Monday – The Model Congress

Continuing the theme of ridiculously talented musicians, my good friend Thomas Mueller and his wife Sarah front The Model Congress, a newish band from Kansas City getting ready to take over the world. Listen for yourself and see what you think.

You can find The Model Congress on Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, and Twitter. Their EP is available via Amazon or iTunes.

Want something even better? They even have their own iPhone app!

Music Monday – The Reign of Kindo

I linked these guys via Facebook last week, but I thought they’d be a great introduction to an attempt at some regular posts here on the ‘ol blog.

I was checking my Youtube subscription late last week to see if anything interesting had shown up and lo and behold, these guys were the first thing in the list. Now stuck on repeat, the intricacies and dynamics of Just Wait and October’s Storm (both available as in-studio videos on Youtube) drive me insane. Rarely does a band impress me as much as The Reign of Kindo has.