Executable Passion

This past weekend was filled with beautiful music. Friday night, I had a reunion of sorts with one very good friend and another friend I haven’t seen since the days of playing baseball as adolescents – one whom I hope becomes a great friend again. It was brilliant getting to not only visit with truly amazing singer/songwriters, but was even better spending time with amazing people.

At one point in the evening, Miller and another ex-musician were chatting about doing what you love. Attempting to add my two cents, I threw out the word passion. Miller took it one step further by stressing the need for executable passion. Touchè my friend, touchè.

It is one thing to get fired up about a topic about which you feel strongly, whether it be religion, music, web standards or health food. It only truly becomes a passion when you are able to execute that in which you believe. I find myself failing in this regard.

Do what you love. Love what you do.