About this site

I’m the epitome of a jack-of-all-trades but master of nothing. I’ll try anything (as long as it doesn’t involve heights, spiders or mice). Cursed Blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit, my greatest strength is a strategic, 10,000 view of the world. However, this leads to the greatest weakness as I get bored very easily.

Currently, I’m employed by World Wide Technology as an Operations Manager in our Professional Services group. I am responsible for scheduling and staffing over 100 engineers who deploy all sorts of cool technology, primarily made by Cisco. To join WWT, I left a 13-year career in software and web development where I began as an intern and ended as a small business owner. The grass is greener.

I love God. I love my family. Outside of the nine-to-five, you’ll probably find me at home wrestling with my kids or at First Baptist Church of Ellisville in Ellisville, MO. I’m the volunteer technical director, serve as a deacon and sit on the Administrative Leadership Team. God’s community is my passion.