Celebrity Doctors

Seriously, 39% of people actually submitted this form to say that they would believe Brooke Sheilds or Tom Cruise OVER THEIR OWN DOCTOR about treatment for postpartum depression. Thirty four percent. Yeah. That’s what I thought too.

I now officially want to remove myself from society and live in The Lake House for the rest of my life. The current CNN Poll asks this question:

Whom do you believe more about treatment for postpartum depression?

  • Brooke Shields
  • Tom Cruise
  • My Own Doctor

Now, I figure you can factor in a few people who are going to use it as a Brooke vs. Tom deal and vote Brooke just to show Tom up. However, the results after 72342 votes shows 34%, 5%, 61% respectively. I sincerely hope the 39% percent that did not vote for “My Own Doctor” (take away those that are voting for Brooke out of principle) didn’t read all of the choices before clicking “VOTE.” This poll should be 0%, 0%, 100% in my opinion.