Looking Up

What am I going to do with this here website?

Things are getting back to normal. This self-employment thing is awesome if you can get your clients to pay. It’s such a difference going from consistent, salary-based income to invoice and wait.

I have so much going on and therefore so much to say, but I think I’ll keep this short. I’m still trying to figure out what solarfrog.com is really going to be. I know it will be more than a blog, but I’m still not entirely sure what exactly I want to say with it. Personal? Who cares about my personal ramblings? Op-Ed? Maybe, but I don’t think I’m that in tune with my words that I could have anything worth reading. Technical? Easy, but I’m sure you can find many smarter people than I out there. I’ll try to keep something current going and we’ll just see how it evolves.

Stay tuned. New ideas coming every day.