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Pretty cool, to-the-point gadget site at Gadget Watcher. I pay pretty close attention to Engadget, but they’ve gone a little wonky gratuitous on what they include in their articles. I only care about maybe 10% of the stuff I see at Engadget. I like the little boutique shops, hence my interest in Gadget Watcher. There’s no bloat; They focus on the cool and useful, not just the cool; And the favicon made me think I was looking at our current President’s site for just long enough to second guess myself.

Update: Engadget themselves said in a PSP-related article today

Yes, we’re aware this is entirely gratuitous given that we already knew the ceramic PSP was gonna be launching today. But, you know — we’re big fans of gratuitous. Whaddya want?

I couldn’t have said it better myself. “Gratuitous” is exactly the word I was looking for yesterday. Thanks, Engadget!

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