Rock Star:INXS

I’ll pretty much repeat what everyone else is saying about this. However cheesy I feel it was to have a reality show to replace a frontman who commited suicide, this was one of the greatest reality shows I’ve seen in a long time. Granted, it had all the cliches of reality television including soap opera behind the scenes footage, dramatic music at all the right moments, and lots and lots of tears. However, something made this one feel more real than any of the others. While some just compare it to American Idol, it was on an entirely different level than American Idol. These kids have talent.

I’d been looking forward to the finale (which aired last night) since episode one, where I picked Marty to win. However, as the weeks went on, J.D. really began to show his stuff. And, while I like Marty so much more than any of the other contestants, J.D. was obviously the right choice for INXS. I seriously hope INXS was serious when they told Marty they’d like to take him on their world tour. Even The Wife could see that Marty would prove to be an amazing solo talent.