New Era of Procrastination

If there were a competetion for time-wasting, I guarantee I would hold world records for many many years. I can turn any activity into an event that could last hours, even days. This doesn’t bode well for a business owner, but that level of responsibility definitely makes one keep his work ethic in check.

Searching for the perfect device, I was hoping to fall in love with the Treo 700w enough that I would be able to wait for Cingular to carry it. Alas, I wasn’t pleased with the few I played with and decided that smartphones have a long way to go before they’ll be useful to me. So, realizing that I was destined to carry multiple devices, I purchased a Dell Axim a couple weeks ago to help organize my busy schedule. I carried a dayplanner for about 3 days, but it did me no good because it didn’t remind me of the things I put in it. The Axim has helped.

The problem? I played solitaire more than I actually used it for the reasons I bought it. Well, yesterday my third iPod (yes, third) crashed. I bought a 20GB 4G iPod shortly after they came out and luckily invested in the AppleCare program. Each time it crashed (twice for those counting – hence the third iPod), the nice folks at the Apple Store graciously replaced it with a new 20GB. Well, yesterday I took the latest casualty in and they explained the “three strike rule” and handed me a brand new shiny iPod with video.