I’ve been meaning to get a new design up on this site for quite some time. I really dug the Hemingway theme, but I decided that since I’m a designer, I should probably come up with my own thing.

So, I’m playing this weekend. I may stick with it. I might not. You’ll probably see a lot of broken things, but I’m kinda doing this in real time, so bear with me.


Update: I know there are bugs in IE. They’ll get taken care of eventually.

Update #2: So I didn’t play as much as I had planned. It looks like things are going to stay this way for a while though. My current to-do list now includes tweaking the layout a bit, filling out the missing content, adding the archive pages, and expanding the footer. Well, that and actually start writing interesting things here. I have some top secret features that I’ve been working on for a while that I’ll reveal as they are completed.

Expect something in-depth weekly, with smaller posts throughout the week. I’ll hopefully be filling up the “Found Objects” section more frequently as well, as my current source for interesting links, Andy Rutledge’s Design View, has (very) sadly gone offline for the forseeable future.

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