My problem with Hillary

I’m typically pretty indifferent when it comes to politics. Honestly, I just don’t care. It really feels like it’s a self-sufficient machine. A robot operating only to rule the world. Voting only seems to matter so that we end up with the least evil person in the seat. Even then, the result doesn’t feel like it actually means anything.

So why do I feel like I should chime in about Hillary’s announcement? One sentence:

I can say I know how Washington Republicans think, how they operate, and how to beat them.

She spends the first half of her announcement talking about the mistakes of our current president. She spends one paragraph talking about questions facing our country. She spends a majority of the rest tooting her own horn. Then, in this one sentence, she starts her entire campaign out saying, “it’s Us against Them.” That’s why I hate politics.

Sure, my political views tend to lean towards the Republican side. Does that mean I automatically disagree with the Dems? I disagree with many of the platforms typically supported by them, but not because they’re Democrats. Does that mean I automatically agree with the GOP? Nope, it doesn’t mean that either.
I’m tired of this two-sided struggle. It ping-pongs back and forth needlessly. Bipartisanship is a farce unlikely to ever end. It’s not that we need another party, or we need people to cross party lines at all. Frankly, I feel like we need to get rid of the party structure all together. What a joke.

Is there anything we can do? Vote better people in? Speak out? Sadly, no. Sure, that’s pretty cynical, but at this point, I’m pretty confident it’s a lost cause.