Job Posting: Decision Maker

We are currently hiring for the role of Decision Maker. This individual will make all of our personal decisions that require significant processing. An example would be “where do we go on vacation?” An example would not be “what should I wear today?” Future growth opportunities may include the latter example depending on job performance.

Detailed Job Description

Lance Leonard’s Decision Maker will be required to make all significant decisions regarding family, business, etc. All information required to make said decisions will be provided as necessary. Applicants must possess excellent analytical skills, be self motivated (but not selfishly motivated) and share similar values and beliefs to that of the employer. Adequate experience in personal decision making is preferred. Applicants must provide examples of good and bad decisions made on their own or on the behalf of others.

This position is a short term contract with the right to hire upon completion. Salary is negotiable but competitive.

If you are interested in this position, please submit a resume and 3 personal references to lance.leonard AT solarfrog DOT com.

Applicants must also possess a since of humor.

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