IA, Wireframing and not Branding

Yes, it has been way too long since this process started. Obviously, Kubrik is starting to really bore some people. So, we’ll move into the next phase of our live redesign. This time, it’s building the skeleton.

Information Architecture

The IA of solarfrog.com will be relatively simple, as are most personal sites. The main focus will be on the blog/article content. In addition to the articles, the user will have access to the usual information, about, contact, portfolio, etc.

Here’s how I expect it to break down:

  • Home Page
    • Latest Article
    • Colophon
    • Last N articles (offset by 1)
    • Search (live search)
    • Categories
    • Links (external)
    • Links to my network of sites
    • Latest photos in Flickr
    • Random selections from my portfolio
  • About
  • Portfolio
  • Contact


A pretty standard approach was taken to layout that I hope will be differentiated once color starts to be thrown about. It started with a typical four-column grid sectioned by content area. Here’s a sample of what I’m talking aboot (I’ve been speaking Canadian when saying ‘about’ or ‘out’ lately).

Wireframe of solarfrog.com

I take the solid block approach to wireframing because it helps me to better visualize the effect of each content area on those around it. The design is intended for 1024 x 768 for no solid reason whatsoever, except that it is time to move on. C’mon people, join me in the revolution.


I didn’t have time to get to branding this time around. Next time, though.