Gasping for air

Exhaustion has set in, and I may have a slightly unhappy wife because of it. Crazy crazy times these are.

Here’s a recap of the last 7 days:

  • Last day at old job
  • Meet with architect at church to rush construction of new sound booth
  • Agonize that booth will delay sound system installation
  • Start new chapter of self-employment (aka. unemployment)
  • Leave early two of first three days on new job to be in friend’s wedding
  • Sweat away the pounds wearing tuxedo in friend’s wedding in 100 degree-plus heat
  • Wake up at 6 day after wedding for garage sale (let wife handle this)
  • Drive out of the way to find out highway patrol testing center isn’t open on Saturday
  • Wake up at 6 Sunday for duties at church
  • Train wife on the fly to handle word duties at church since team member didn’t show
  • Drive out of the way to return sound equipment used for wedding reception
  • Drive out of the way for meeting at church
  • Stay up late working on new business activities
  • Wake up very early Monday morning to take Class E driver’s test
  • Pass above test

Doesn’t really sound like a lot now that I look back, but man, am I exhausted. Oh well, now I have to leave work for a softball game. Oh, and my anniversay is tomorrow and I’ve planned nothing for tomorrow nor this weekend when we’re celebrating.