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There’s a stigma that goes with having a job that even remotely relates to technology – you immediately become the “computer guy.” Anyone with a question automatically assumes you’ll have the answer. Being a web developer, I have become the resident computer guy on more than one occasion, answering questions and fixing problems.

Having to answer questions isn’t the only perk of being the computer guy, though. You also have to talk shop. Maybe not surprisingly, I hate talking tech outside of 9-5. I don’t like to talk about what languages I program in and why, what I think about Web 2.0, or the evil that is Myspace. I should probably be better about this, but the worst is when I get stuck in a casual conversation with someone who “knows enough to be dangerous” and begins to opine on some topics that are frankly, way out of their league.

Why say all this? Because I have been talking the ear off of a good friend of mine lately regarding my latest expensive hobby, digital photography. I’ve always loved photography, but never took it seriously. When Asher was born, my amazing wife allowed me the luxury of purchasing my first digital SLR. I’ve since taken nearly 2500 photos (that’s in about 5 months since we got it a few days after he was born).

You see, this good friend is a professional wedding photographer. Now, I know that your uncle or brother’s friend or your second grade teacher’s grandson’s neighbor knows a guy who does wedding photography, but this dude is the real deal. He’s a master of lighting, a guru of photojournalism and frankly, a creative genius. I guarantee you he doesn’t need me sharing my thoughts on the latest gear, bugging him with questions or
asking favors to borrow gear.

So to pay him back for the time I spend talking his ear off, I thought I’d give him a plug and link him up here. So, if you have a wedding coming up and are looking for a photographer, stop searching. Stephen Seward is your man. Check out his wedding photography portfolio and his blog for info.

And if your needs aren’t wedding related, but say portraits or children, you can still call Stephen. Or, you can call Tarah Craft. Tarah does weddings too, but after you see her baby, children and family portrait work, you’ll want to have children just so she can take pictures of them. The third photo of her son in this post on her blog CRACKS. ME. THE. HECK. UP!

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okay, so… thanks for posting this. This is very timely. Like YESTERDAY I was getting together a bunch of websites of photographers in the area to consider to shoot Amy’s wedding (which is now in December). And also, in recent days I have had this huge desire to take some digital photography lessons of some kind or get mentored by somebody or something, after buying an SLR. Like you, I just really have a love and interest in photography, and think that I could use it in the near future.

Both of their photography is really impressive! I’ve have been adding tons of fun photographers blogs to my RSS feeds lately… so anyways.. this was just right up my alley!!

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